About our Academy of modernization and training of soccer in Spain


We are an Academy of soccer's international elite based in Spain. The main objective of the Academy is the offer to young players with talent from all over the world the perfect platform to become a professional soccer playerthrough complete soccer programs integrated.

Many are the years that I have been dedicated to the world of football, this sport is my passion, my profession and formed part of my lifestyle.

I devote many hours to prepare the exterior (tactics, strategy, fitness), but also is the vital importance that has internal or mental preparation.

I am also SPORTS COACHINGI invite reflections on your interior.

I am aware of the need and importance which have results, but beyond this, there is an obligation both in training and in high performance, transmit and demonstrate a series of values among which we can highlight: humility, simplicity, respect, solidarity, etc.

We know that when the words are used correctly, they reach the hearts of the people. I am a person that I have solid values that love sport and pursue first and foremost convey a positive message so that we can enjoy life and get happiness through sport.

I love my country, (Spain) and I wish with all my strength to contribute to your sport, football, this at the top of the FIFA rank, for this I will take the first step and I will make available to all the Spanish people the necessary tool to achieve that goal, I will present to the best coaches of the quarries of Spain, they are coaches all Qualified by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, (anyone will be able to check with their clubs of origin) are all coaches of the best quarries of Spain, they are all coaches of the best quarries of Spain, they are all coaches of the best quarries of Spain, they are all coaches of the best quarries of Spain, , from the At. Madrid, FC Barcelona, Malaga, Rayo Vallecano, Getafe, Villarreal, Spanish de Barcelona, Ath. Bilbao, Valencia, etc., all of them specialized in training, in the treatment and teaching of children, it is a very great effort to be able to bring them all together to teach their master classes.

In our modernization and training camps, all without exception, have place so let the opportunity.

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